From our offices, we have instant, on screen surveillance of vehicles and communication with drivers throughout the entire continent of Europe.
We are able to update clients, continuously, on the progress of shipments; to advise the anticipated delivery time just a few hours or minutes in advance; and finally to confirm that safe delivery of the cargo has been made, and its precise time.
The system also provides the facility for our clients to have a similar, direct computer link in their office so that they too may accurately follow the progress of their shipments - 24 hours a day and anywhere in Europe.
For hazardous and high value loads, emergency alert features safeguard cargoes, trucks and drivers around the clock.
Satellite position reporting can pinpoint a vehicle's location to within 100 metres. The location is calculated by triangulation, using twin satellites, and stored in an on-line database for immediate access. The file is continuously updated.
Vehicle locations and other information such as the distance to a chosen destination can be listed, or shown on a map with major routes and towns. Every truck on the map can be shown alongside the latest message from its driver, or - if several vehicles are located in the same vicinity - their drivers' names can be displayed for selection. The map can also include customer premises, delivery points or warehouses, so successive levels of detail from long-distance routes down to individual towns, trucks or local landmarks.

The system offers many different scales to provide an overall view from the Atlantic Ocean through to The Ural Mountains, down to close detail of a specific region.

A typical screen with some vehicle positions throughout Europe. The system can even focus on a suburb of Moscow.