An outstanding amalgamation of the entire logistical requirements of the Offshore Production for the Fashion Industry - Tailored into one scintillating package for your Organisation!
Throughout the last decade of the 20th Century the management of our operations and logistics team has been honed through hard earned experience into a superb, uncompromising force, now providing fast, reliable, shipping coordination especially for the Fashion Clothing industry - Cutting Your Costs!
Cloth, trim, hangers and ancillaries are received at our modern, hygienic warehouses and consolidated ready for shipment to offshore factories, including close liaison with your staff over quantities, colours, quality of merchandise. Hanging Garments are received from offshore production facilities, stored and despatched direct to distribution centres.
Comprehensive Export and Import documentary processing and Customs clearance services.
Express Delivery of exported merchandise, and imported finished garments on our own fleet vehicles, direct to or from  your offshore factories located in Eastern European. All vehicles are designed and operated in accordance with the TIR Convention, providing trouble-free movement through border controls, enabling the
FASTEST delivery always. Croome "Gold Star Express Service" provides non-stop transport for the ultimate in speed, knocking massive chunks off delivery lead times!
Direct delivery to or from your offshore factories without transhipment, for all consignments, small or large. Utilising our specially designed (virtually unique) Truck and Draw-Bar vehicles provides the option of two TIR certificated sections allowing up to 6 Customs clearance procedures. Where there is confined access into your factories the truck section is put to use.

Truck and Draw-Bar vehicles accommodate 120 cbm capacity of merchandise - 25% more than standard vehicles, thereby dramatically reducing freight costs.
All vehicles are Controlled by Satellite Tracking and Communication enabling a full, fast and continuous dialogue between operations department and our customers clarifying the exact situation relevant to each shipment whilst en route. You know when your merchandise is collected and delivered, facilitating your absolute control of your production.
Every stage of each operation is monitored and controlled enabling the highest quality of logistics service! From the design of transport equipment, through management expertise, staff and driver selection, and the use of the most modern information providing and controlling facilities, Croome Gold Star Logistics bring about the ultimate in service for you!
Our hard-hitting management team have the experience, cultural and linguistic skills necessary to enable a superb cooperation with your offshore factories located in Eastern European countries. Thus eliminating bureaucratic problems, and ensuring trouble-free deliveries.